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No.2, South Tower, 8th Floor, KRM Plaza,
Harrington Rd, Chetpet, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India
Pincode: 600031
T  +91-044-49042826
E info@stonesketch.com

Stone Sketch Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (S3) is a Company that is pursuing business opportunities in the Virtual Technology services and solutions for business and educational purposes. S3 accomplishes this by using its Research and Innovation to bring changes. This involves leveraging and incorporating best practices and digital tools to support such diversified industries as education, healthcare, petroleum, government, architecture, and small to large business. What S3 provides to its customers is a means for them to meet their operational requirements and strategic goals by attracting and engaging their clients and customers by world-class technologies that can enhance growth with proven, exciting and evolutionary methods.

To help its customers meet their specific objectives, S3 maintains up-to-date knowledge and abilities in the provision of services and solutions that integrate and support the implementation of established and leading edge web-based information and communication technologies (ICTs). To achieve desired outcomes, S3 incorporates into a client’s portfolio the planned use of various combinations of web-based virtual platforms, systems, and applications such as virtual 3D environments, Virtual Tour, Virtual learning management systems, Virtual 360 Photos/Videos, Virtual Augmented Reality. Combining the appropriate ICTs with its expertise, knowledge, and creativity, S3 competitively positions itself in this rapidly growing realm of services and solutions and is able to provide industry leading and high quality products, services, solutions, and support to its customers.

Here at Stone Sketch Solutions Pvt. Ltd., We proudly offer 3D Architectural (Exterior, Floor Plan – Interactive 3D Floor Plan , Rendering ImagesWalk-through Animation), 3D Interior Design , Virtual Reality Application Development (Interactive Virtual Tour), Augmented Reality Apps Development ,Corporate Animated Video Production , Movie and Game Character Modeling and Animation,360 Degree Panoramic Tour and Product Modeling & Animation.

Why choose us

fast and friendly

Our team is very dedicated towards Work and we assure you that Our friendly ecosystem will make every client very happy to work with us.

ON time

Our USP is Commitment to deliver on given deadline……Assuring a Relaxed and Satisfied client

Up front pricing

Our Pricing Motto ‘good value for good money ‘ will give an added value to your business. We assure you the The best Quote for Every Inquiry……every time.

quality workmanship

Whatever be the deadline , we will Never Compromise on Our Quality under any circumstances
Our Mission

S3 is committed to meeting or exceeding its clients’ expectations by providing services and solutions that are reliable, accessible, practical, sustainable, scalable, transformational, and of superior quality.

Our Vision

S3 will be a global leader in the provision of web-based virtual Technology services and solutions for business, government and education.

Our Philosophy

S3 recognizes and accepts that change never ceases and that change must be planned for by using innovative and strategic vision.

Our Promise


S3 values and embraces diversity, honesty, moral behavior, accountability, transparency, mutual respect, and openness.


  • S3 will monitor and embrace technological, business, educational, government and social research and trends.
  • S3 will meet its clients’ expectations and requirements through the development and utilization of purposeful and cost effective solutions.
  • S3 will help its clients to be leaders in their respective markets.
  • S3 will bring new innovative hardware products related to Virtual Technology.