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Vasant Bhatia

Vasant Bhatia

Business Mentor

Our Mentor: 

We at S3 feel lucky and honored to have Mr. Vasant K Bhatia, as our Mentor. He has extensive exposure in International Business in various industries and is very widely travelled. At 60, he is more energetic and brimming with Innovative ideas which is a boon for any start up – than many of us half his Age. The combination of his experience and out of the box thinking in the core process of business is something that we highly look up to.

A Few Words by Our Mentor:


A mentor brings experience to a new business. Not only that…a mentor is also a critic that every entrepreneur needs badly, especially during the START UP phase.  A mentor can be someone providing guidance through domain expertise, motivation or trustful bonding. People think that mentors come with angel wings and fall from the heavens: “I am your mentor.” It’s usually not like that. It’s usually somebody who helps you in a certain aspect of your life and grooms you, who is experienced about business process…be it an entrepreneur, an employee or a consultant. But a mentor should be someone whom you trust and are willing to listen to, he should ask the right questions and consult and advise the Mentee in such a way that they end up building a successful company.  It’s all about asking the right questions 🙂 If someone can do that for you, then that person….. Is your mentor!

Yes mentors are an important part of a Start Up and no one can replace them. Respect a mentor for his time and guidance. Mentor plays an important role. He has the most important thing that most Beginners want to achieve and that is Experience. He knows when someone makes mistakes and how to fill gaps and above all a Good Mentor adds value to the Start Up